Creating a Painted Image with Photoshop’s Art History Brush


Currently my studies have me exploring methods to incorporate into my final Photomedia project. Here are a few of my experiments with Photoshop’s Art History Brush.

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Photomedia Immersion

Having been introduced to composite photomedia through my studies, I am required to investigate two existing artists. I have chosen Anita Anti and Anne Geddes.

Based on the subject, genre or approach you want to experiment on, present two (2) case studies of still image-based photomedia projects by individual artists and add them to your portfolio. These projects must be based on the delivery of still images and be created using tools and technologies that are accessible to you. Your documentation should include analysis of their brief.

Artist 1: Anita Anti

A self-taught artist originally from Ukraine, Anita now works from New York. Always having an interest in creative endeavours (painting, drawing and crafts) she soon found inspiration through photography and fine art female portraits.


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