Photomedia Final Product

My current brief, also part of my next assignment is to create a manipulated image by combining multiple images together. After researching imagery created by Anita Anti and Anne Geddes I chose to use a human subject. With the impending birth of my second child creating a newborn shot was the perfect idea. Well perfect in theory that is, executing it would be another thing all together!


Once your photomedia work is completed, the project brief you created provides an excellent checklist of the technical and delivery requirements for your piece.

Provide visual evidence of your completed photomedia project in your portfolio. For example, if your final delivery is on print, you can take a photo of this. Alternatively, you can also choose to use a digital image version of your project with the size and resolution suitable in your portfolio document. Furthermore, include a simple checklist to illustrate your completion of the technical requirements for its delivery and output (100 words).


This is my final composite. By the time I got around to photographing my son he was almost 7 months! This type of shoot was a newborn shot and should’ve been done within a few weeks of his birth. So he was difficult to capture, but all done safely of course! So many times I wished I could’ve used stock photography, I’m still learning the ropes.

Whilst I can’t say it looks professional, it’s certainly a improvement from some of the exercises I’ve completed. I didn’t hold high hopes for this one but was surprised at how it turned out.


This is an example of the calendar layout. Part of the assignment required me to outline the delivery and output.

This was the first time I really got into using layer masks and I still need a lot of practice but they are magical! I feel I need to refine the shadows and highlights further and just combining the images together to look more cohesive. With further practice I may start to get the hang of it!

Below is a mock up version of the wall calendar that I downloaded for free from Design Bolts.


Feel free to critique and provide constructive feedback in the comments section below.


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