Photomedia Image Review

Having been introduced to composite photomedia through my studies, I am required to create my own composition with my own images. Here is my first attempt.


To review the work the following notes below are suggestions for areas to address. Does the image convey;

  1. The image’s story is based on a nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Baby is the main subject, suspended from a tree branch with a magical, romantic starry forest background.

  2. Appeal to the target audience – Overall it should speak mostly to parents (including grandparents), particularly women but also to young girls.
  3. The scenery will have a romantic whimsical feel. There won’t be any text however it should evoke an emotion within the viewer – love, innocence.

I don’t feel this conveys the emotion I need it to at this point. I’m also thinking I will change my original thinking from point 3 to include text.

Would love to know your opinions!


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