Photomedia Acquisition

Having been introduced to composite photomedia through my studies, I am required to create my own composition with my own images (no stock photos which pains me!). This is the Acquisition stage of the project. It doesn’t look like much yet. I’ve included a few edits also.


Above image of a nearby park of which I took about 20 various shots. I need to remove man made elements and houses and also adjust the image to look like night.

I actually had to come back as many of the pics from my first shoot were blurry. It was quite bright, I didn’t have a screen to view them on and a hungry toddler with me so I’ll learn for next time!


Above image of my son. I took many of these, most of which weren’t at all usable. This was done in my lounge room whilst I was standing on a ladder. There are bean bags under the blue blanket and I’ve used white board to try to bounce some of the shadows where there isn’t a window.

This picture should’ve been taken when he was a newborn instead almost 7 months! He was very difficult to photograph and as he is wide eyed and bushy-tailed it does change the feel of the image. I had a sleeping baby in mind!


Above is an additional image including the branch and additional sling. I thought I might need to add more length to the sling fabric. I only took 2 -3 shots of this as this was a fairly straight forward shot and there wasn’t much to consider.

Time to get onto some photo manipulation! Eeeeeeeek!



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