Design a New Year’s Eve Poster Brief


Going back in time by posting my first assignment which was to create a New Year’s Eve under age event poster for my city.


A city council is planning a New Year’s Eve party for under 18s. The event will be in the capital city of the state or territory of your choice.

This party is targeted at people aged 13 to 18. It is a no-alcohol event and there will be no pass outs. Special care should be taken to promote the idea that the event is divided into time slots to allow people to choose the type of live music they want to hear.

The promotional material must showcase the event by the use of images, illustrations and some text. As this is only a visual concept, large amounts of text are not required.

The working title of the music event is ‘NYE with a Bang.’ The evening will be divided into three time slots: hip hop – 6 pm to 8 pm, pop music – 8 pm to 10 pm, and R ‘n B – 10 pm to 12 pm. It will culminate in a fireworks display at midnight.

Your task
Your task is to develop an A3 poster for this event. This concept design will cover the basics of the event. Your promotional design should not be too content heavy, and it must use images to promote the city and New Year’s Eve.

Design Constraints:

  • Colour: CMYK
  • Use of the logo for the council of the capital city you have chosen: logos must be approx. 105 mm wide, and must be placed in the bottom corner of the poster (left or right).
  • The poster must be clear that the event is: Under 18 (13-18), tickets are always required, no pass outs, midnight fireworks show, no alcohol, full security present.
  • No copyrighted or offensive materials can be used.

Designer Research

As part of the assignment I am required to research two event poster designers. I chose David Byerlee (designs above) and Carlos Arrojo (designs below)

Initial Sketches

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feedback / Critique

(Share and discuss your ideas and concepts with other people to devise an effective solution. Write 100 words describing who you spoke to and how the process helped you to develop your concept).

I found it difficult to communicate my ideas through only sketches. I felt there needed to be another step (preliminary visuals) before deciding on just one concept. Each person had different suggestions but where they made the same comments affirmed my choices.

I selected sketch 4 based on feedback but took into account that not everyone liked this one so I applied suggestions from each of them and I also brainstormed with one person to come up with the final concept.

Final Concept

I refined my design to these different colour options. After discussing further with those who gave me initial feedback I went with the white option.


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