Magazine Cover Mock-up

Bedroom Pink Artboard 02

This was one of the first assignments for my bridging course into Graphic Design. I was required to shoot the image myself so for the first time I got to researching how to actually use my DSLR camera (I’d only had it for three short years at that time)!

Whilst my bedroom isn’t exactly magazine worthy I think I managed to distract the viewer from that fact – with my new found “mad photography skills” and once the layout items were included. By the way, within a month or two I’d forgotten all about how to use my camera!

Home Beautiful is an Australian lifestyle magazine featuring homes from around Australia and content that celebrates the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  It is a blend of inspirational images and practical information that aims to guide readers towards transforming their own homes into the kind of showplace they see within the magazine.  Home Beautiful is presented in a thoroughly Australia way. Your task is to design and produce digital cover artwork for the magazine Home Beautiful. You will need to research this magazine and find out as much as you can to produce a dynamic, lively layout.

Design Constraints:

  • Colour: CMYK
  • No copyrighted or offensive materials can be used.
  • Photograph for the front cover: Using a digital camera, take a variety of shots and choose one as the front cover shot to be used with the existing masthead.
  • Size: 206mm wide by 275mm deep
  • Date: (can be any)
  • Cover articles: Four (4) cover articles need to be included on the front cover. These are teasers to get you interested enough to purchase the magazine, known as sub-titles. These teasers can be of your choice.
  • A barcode must be used and can be searched on the internet.
  • The retail price must be included and can be searched on the internet

Planning & Mood Board:

Research of Existing Covers:

My Concepts:

Above are the original concepts I came up with (not too different from the final design). I’m always required to have my work critiqued, below are some comments I received from my peers.

Hi Lauren, Wow your magazine covers look fantastic! My fav would be the pink Home Beautiful, it really makes the cushion pink pop in the image, lots of eye catching cover articles here too. Great work! -AM

Hi Lauren! Your magazine covers are really nice, very light, clean and vibrant. My favourite are 1st and 3rd designs. I don’t even know which one I like better, the first one is so fresh and the last one is very elegant. Very good job!!! Just one suggestion, your first photo has a very bright spot on the left bottom corner because of the sunshine, you can try to scale your photo slightly and crop it from the left side. I have received the same suggestion from our trainer but that was about darkness on my shot. -VG

Hi Lauren, Great mag covers. They look to be in the same style as the Home Beautiful mags that I have lying around at home. 1 and 2 work best for me, however I have a slight preference for 1. The pink Home Beautiful logo really jumps out. I think also the black font for the sub titles works best. -SK

After receiving feedback on my concepts I made the suggested changes – removing the spot from the bottom left (it was actually my cat Delilah snoozing in the curtains!) and going with a black font. I went with the pink bedroom design, this too was my preferred concept.


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