Photomedia Immersion

Having been introduced to composite photomedia through my studies, I am required to investigate two existing artists. I have chosen Anita Anti and Anne Geddes.

Based on the subject, genre or approach you want to experiment on, present two (2) case studies of still image-based photomedia projects by individual artists and add them to your portfolio. These projects must be based on the delivery of still images and be created using tools and technologies that are accessible to you. Your documentation should include analysis of their brief.

Artist 1: Anita Anti

A self-taught artist originally from Ukraine, Anita now works from New York. Always having an interest in creative endeavours (painting, drawing and crafts) she soon found inspiration through photography and fine art female portraits.


OBJECTIVE: Most of Anita’s works are based on a story with an obvious lean towards fairytales. The subjects are magical and melancholy women and animals situated within forests. Some of her works don’t show a specific concept but still have the same magical feel.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Despite the child like inspiration, Anita’s target audience is generally not children. Her style mostly appeals to women, daydreamers, romantics and those reminiscing their childhood.


TIMELINE: When collaborating with Amber Skye for an EP cover they settled on a location and date (July 2015). Along with their team they took one day to shoot and had to work around tourists. Then back to the studio to develop with Photoshop.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES: Often Anita can start with an idea then look for a subject and scene or a subject may catch her eye, which she will plan a project for. Then sometimes she will collaborate with others.


DELIVERY & OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS: Most works are available to purchase as a print. Various projects (such as the EP cover) are used to promote in print and digital media.

CREATIVE APPROACH USED: Anita’s work is a reflection of her emotions, passion for unknown and craving of beauty. Her style is “fairytale-like, mystic, feminine, fragile and thoughtful”. She often makes the costumes and decorations for her projects.

TECHNICAL APPROACH, TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES: Anita uses installations, elaborate costumes, make up, props and Photoshop along with her photography equipment and skills.




Artist 2: Anne Geddes

Born in 1956 in Australia currently living in New York, Anne is a self taught photographer who set up her first studio in 1988 in New Zealand. As a child advocate she has heavily campaigned and raised millions towards preventing child abuse and neglect.


OBJECTIVE: Anne has always believed that every child must be protected and nurtured and loved. Anne’s work usually depict babies as flowers, small animals, fairies and fairytale creatures.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Typically parents and/or women. Her projects also appeal to young children, girls, photographers, crafters and advocates or or those with an interest in children’s rights.


TIMELINE: Initially plans images (can take 6-8 months depending on size of job); will usually shoot one concept per day with babies, parents and creative team. On the day a lot goes into preparing babies so they are comfortable, 30 minutes to actually shoot the subject/s (keeping in mind that babies can get bored and fussy quickly). Although things are planned she needs to be open to changes on the day.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES: Believing all babies and models are beautiful Anne doesn’t audition her subjects but rather has thousands of photographs sent to her from parents through various parent groups. Anne will setup props, lighting and cameras in her studio the day prior, then shoot in the morning and edit after the shoot.


DELIVERY & OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS: Predominantly print – greeting cards, calendars, books. But also posters, puzzles, apps, games, digital downloads and even costumes from her shoots.

CREATIVE APPROACH USED: Anne “captures children’s beauty, purity and vulnerability” with custom made costumes. With her creative team (stylist, studio manager, nurse) they create the perfect, relaxed atmosphere.

TECHNICAL APPROACH, TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES: Anne uses photography equipment, props and lighting to shoot. Assistants are used to hold the babies and then edited in Photoshop after.





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